Everyone who follows the Guilford County Tax Department to any extent knows the department does their main job very well.

Its main job each year is to collect as much of the property tax money owed to the county by property owners – and, each year, the Guilford  County department shows up near the top of the list when it comes to the percentage of money owed in each county that’s actually collected. The department has a number of ways of getting what is owed, with the final step in the collection process being foreclosure on homes and parcels of land.

However, not all sections of the county are equally willing to pay the tax man.  In particular, the town of Sedalia comes in way behind the other towns and cities in Guilford County.  A 96.15 percent collection rate might sound very high; but, in the world of property tax collections, it’s a woefully bad number.

Nine of the county’s 12 towns and cities come in over 99 percent in the tax collection percentage rate, and the lowest collection rate other than Sedalia is Pleasant Garden at 98.80 percent.

Here are the latest collection rates  as of June 30, 2023:

• Burlington- 99.91 percent

• Kernersville – 99.91 percent

• Jamestown – 99.87 percent

• Summerfield – 99.79 percent

• Archdale- 99.76 percent

• Oak Ridge- 99.72 percent

• Greensboro – 99.41 percent

• High Point – 99.34 percent

• Gibsonville – 99.19 percent•

• Whitsett – 98.92 percent

• Pleasant Garden – 98.80 percent

• Sedalia – 96.15 percent

When it comes to the two largest cities in Guilford  County, Greensboro tax payers are able to claim a slight lead over High Point payers, though the collection rates in both cities are nearly equal and are acceptable as collection rates go.

The Guilford County Tax Department did not respond immediately as to why the collection rate from Sedalia was so much lower than the other towns and cities in Guilford County,