Though questioned by some historians, feudal lords in medieval Europe were said to have the “right of the first night’ – a legal right to engage in sexual relations with any woman on the land they ruled, on that woman’s wedding night no less. 

While the Guilford County Board of Commissioners doesn’t have any first rights that are that scandalous, the commissioners do have certain first rights, including the right of first refusal when it comes to buying surplus Guilford County School’s property that’s being put up for sale.

On Thursday, April 1, the commissioners will vote whether or not to exercise that right since the county’s school system is attempting to sell buildings and land at 116 Pisgah Church Road in Greensboro after deeming it surplus property.  

The Guilford County Board of Education has received an offer to buy the property for $2.23 million, but first the Board of Commissioners must officially declare that the county doesn’t want to buy it.

Over the years, the school system has used the property for various programs, however, school officials say the property is no longer needed.  Most recently, it was being used as a “School Community Alternative Learning Environment” (SCALE) facility. In that program, students who’ve been suspended at other schools can continue their education at a SCALE site.

The commissioners are expected to forgo the right of first refusal in this case and let the school system sell the property.

In late February, the school board voted to put it up for sale.

A letter sent on Monday, March 1, from school officials to Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Skip Alston stated that the school system would proceed with the sale if the commissioners do not wish to purchase the property, and school officials asked that the item be put on the Board of Commissioners’ agenda for the next meeting. 

It didn’t make it onto the commissioners’ March agenda, but the school system officials probably don’t mind waiting an extra few weeks to get $2.23 million.