Recently, the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority awarded a contract to Lindsey Architecture, P.C. to provide the architectural and engineering design services for the Authority’s “Terminal Modernization Project.” The total estimated fees and expenses under the contract come to $13,428,986.

That’s just for the design phase; once that phase is complete, a whole lot more money will have to be spent carrying out the project itself.

Piedmont Triad International Airport Executive Director Kevin Baker, when asked the expected total cost of the project, said it was “unknown.”

Construction administration services aren’t part of this contract.

The design phase is expected to be complete by July of next year.

The overall percentage of the cost of the design phase for large construction and renovation projects varies widely depending on the project; however, construction industry estimates generally put design costs somewhere between 5 percent to 15 percent of the total project cost.

Baker said this will be a major redesign of the airport terminal that’s meant to modernize it. He said this is much needed for the building, which opened in 1982.

“It’s meant to bring it into the 2020s,” Baker said.

He added that it’s not about expanding the terminal’s size. In fact, Baker said, the new design may mean the removal of some gates and a more streamlined building.

“It’s about making the building more efficient,” he said, adding that the renovated terminal will be “right-sized.”

Old windows, heating systems and other aging components are often in need of repair.

“A lot of systems are failing,” he said.

Baker also said that, though $13.4 million was allocated for the design phase, the design cost could come in under that in the end. He said the consultants would be paid for the hours worked.

“We may not spend all of that,” he said.