The Guilford County Sheriff’s Department is remaining silent on the situation regarding two female jail guards in the county’s High Point jail who allegedly had sex with male inmates in exchange for money; however, Guilford County personnel records reveal that now the second guard – said by sources to be involved – is no longer with the county.

Several weeks ago, one guard said by sources to have been involved resigned.  It’s not known if that employee’s resignation was related to the allegations.

On Friday, Sept. 27, the Rhino Times reported that several sources within Guilford County government said that two female detention officers at Guilford County’s jail in High Point were under investigation for engaging in sex with male inmates in the jail and that those incidents were alleged to have occurred multiple times in areas of the jail where security cameras are not focused.

At that time, an email from Guilford County Sheriff’s Attorney James Secor stated in response to an inquiry from the Rhino that, “The Sheriff’s Office is aware those allegations have been made and is investigating the validity (if any) of those claims.  Due, however, to the constraints of the Personnel Privacy Act in N.C. Gen. Stat. §153A-98, we are unable to provide any further information. Thank you for your inquiry.”

By law, the personnel records of all county employees are not public records except for basic information such as the hiring date, salary and the date that employment ended.

This week, when the Sheriff’s Department was asked for any additional information that may now be available, Secor wrote, “Thank you for your follow up inquiry.  At this time, I have no additional information to provide.”

Guilford County records that are public do show this week that the second jail guard alleged to have been involved is no longer working for the Sheriff’s Department.

The records publically available do not indicate why her employment with the county ended.