Beginning Saturday, May 15, both the north and south long-term parking lots at Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTIA) will re-open. 

The moves come in order to accommodate the growing number of people flying in and out of the airport as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

The two large parking lots were temporarily closed last March after passenger air travel at PTIA fell to under a hundred passengers a day.  Business has gradually been picking up at the airport in recent weeks but the monthly statistical reports still show a large drop-off from pre-pandemic levels.

PTIA Executive Director Kevin Baker said that, as passengers come back in larger numbers, the airport is adjusting its actions accordingly.

 “As passenger traffic continues to grow, we are monitoring conditions and working to meet customer demand,” he said.

Baker also said that PTIA is making other moves to maintain customer satisfaction.

“We continue to work to ensure a positive travel experience for our passengers,”  Baker stated.

Upon reopening, the charge for the North and South long-term lots will be $8 per day. The garage parking will continue to be available at the $10 per day rate.

Though air traffic has been down over the past 13 months, that doesn’t mean the airport has been standing still.  Those who show up there for the first time in a year will notice a lot of changes that have taken place and that are still going on.

 PTIA has been updating its parking management system as well as making runway, parking deck and terminal renovations.  The construction of a new control tower is almost complete and work continues on the airport’s 1,000-plus acre aviation megasite that has been under development for years.