Lightning has already struck once at the Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTIA) megasite – Boom Supersonic is opening its mega-million-dollar supersonic jet factory there.

However, the megasite, which already spans about 1,000 acres, continues to grow whenever the opportunity presents itself.

In the past, the airport has bought up property near the aviation mega-site at PTIA, and the airport is now buying the private residence at 7005 Pawnee Road in Greensboro for $454,000. The property includes .93 acres of land and a house.

PTIA needs more land for more big aviation companies – at least, that’s the hope.

PTIA Executive Director Kevin Baker this week said that purchasing the Pawnee Road residence and land is another step in a long, ongoing process of accumulation.

“We’ve been acquiring properties on the west side of Old Oak Ridge Road for years,” he said. “We own property adjacent to this.”

This land, Baker added, will become part of the large economic development area in the northwest corner of the airport’s property.  Baker said that, as of now, it doesn’t have an assigned use.

“There’s no defined use as of this moment,” he said, “but, ultimately, it will hopefully be part of a site for another large employer.”

PTIA officials want to scoop up a great deal of the land in the area – so, when it does become available, the price the airport offers is usually attractive.  During the 2022 revaluation of all property in the county, the Guilford County Tax Department placed a value of $389,400 on the house and the land at 7005 Pawnee Road – with the land alone being valued at $70,000 of that total.

In this case, the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority – the seven-person ruling board that runs the airport – is leasing the property back to the sellers for nine months at a rental price of $2500 per month.  The rent will start at the end of the 90-day rent-free period that’s customarily allowed by the authority when it purchases property.