There are very few things in the world cooler than supersonic commercial airliners, which transport people to the other side of the world much much faster than the current airliners. And the fact that Boom Supersonic will be building its supersonic airliners in Guilford County makes the whole county seem cool.

So, it’s no surprise whatsoever that Piedmont Triad International Airport and Boom Supersonic happily and proudly joined together on Monday, Juny 17, to announce the completion of the Overture Superfactory at the airport’s megasite.

This will be the first supersonic airliner factory in the United States.

The state-of-the-art factory sits on 62-acres of land next to PTI and, according to a joint statement sent out on June 17, the completion of the cool jet factory “positions North Carolina for continued leadership in aerospace manufacturing.”

Among the many people thrilled with the completion of the facility was Kevin Baker, the executive director of the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority, the board that runs the airport.

“We’re excited to see the future of supersonic flight taking shape in North Carolina, and at PTI in particular,” Baker said Monday, adding that the achievement underscores Guilford County’s and central North Carolina’s “commitment to innovation and growth in the aerospace sector.”

The Overture Superfactory will serve as the final assembly line for Overture, Boom’s sustainable supersonic airliner – planes that cruise at roughly twice the speed of today’s passenger airplanes.

It will still be years before the planes made at the factory start taking people to Asia or Europe at much faster than current flight times.

“Construction of the Overture Superfactory represents a major milestone toward ensuring the United States’ continued leadership in aerospace manufacturing,” said Blake Scholl, founder and CEO of Boom Supersonic. “Supersonic flight will transform air travel, and Overture provides a much-needed innovative alternative for airlines across the globe.”

According to the June 17 celebratory announcement, Boom already has 130 orders and pre-orders for Overture planes from United Airlines, American Airlines and Japan Airlines. The factory at the PTI megasite will be able to crank out about 33 aircraft a year.

Even better, Boom plans to build a second assembly line at the factory that would double annual production.

Current estimates are that the full Boom manufacturing process will grow North Carolina’s economy by “at least”  $32.3 billion over 20 years, and the Superfactory will directly add over 2,400 jobs for the area.

Piedmont Triad Airport Authority Chairman Paul Mengert stated: “This is another major step for Boom toward the introduction of sustainable supersonic flight onboard Overture. Boom is an outstanding example of groundbreaking, global companies choosing PTI.”

Earlier this year, a major milestone toward the revival of supersonic flight took place: Boom’s supersonic demonstrator aircraft, XB-1 successfully conducted its first flight over Mojave, California.