Piedmont Triad International Airport has had a tough year due to COVID-19, but the show must go on and, for airports, that means keeping the snow off the runways and out of the parking lots. 

That’s the main reason the seven-member Piedmont Triad Airport Authority voted to shell out $229,330 – and 66 cents – to purchase a new dump truck with a snowplow attachment to service the airport each winter.

At the Tuesday, April 26 meeting of the Airport Authority, the board that calls the shots at the airport voted unanimously – at the request of staff – to purchase, from White/Herring Tractor and Truck, a dump truck and snowplow equipment for the major chunk of change.

 The price was reached after a competitive bidding process – interestingly, one conducted under the group purchasing program of the NC Sheriff’s Association.

The sum that comes in north of a quarter-million dollars includes add-ons such as the plow and spreading equipment.

Baker told the board a new truck was badly needed.  He said the one it would be replacing was “very old and quite literally rusted through.”

He also said some staff members doubted the old truck would pass inspection another year.  Plans are for it to be scrapped.  The parts could bring in about $10,000 according to one rough estimate presented at the board meeting.

According to PTIA Executive Director Kevin Baker, the airport has five plows that work the airfield, along with other winter equipment such as de-icing trucks and a large snow thrower.

PTIA also has four trucks that work the “landside” – the parts of the airport that the general public has access to before going through security.  Two of those are dump-truck/snowplow combos.

The new truck will replace a dump truck that’s about 30-years old.

According to Baker, the trucks stay busy all year round doing jobs other than snow removal.