If you ever wanted to get a job in the airline or airport industry – or, for that matter, in related occupations connected with air travel, it’s a great time to apply because Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTIA) and its aviation megasite together are absolutely the dog who caught the car.

Now that all the jobs that airport officials wanted are here or on the way, the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority – the seven-member board that runs the airport – is doing what it can to fill those jobs.

Because PTIA has been creating a lot of jobs in recent years, companies in the aircraft industry and other businesses connected with the airport are looking for workers. On Wednesday, Sept. 20, that was obvious when the Authority hosted a large job fair on the upper level of the terminal building that ran from afternoon until early evening.

Guilford Technical Community College plans on spending $57 million to create a campus near the airport that will be focused on aviation workforce training – however, that will take several years to construct and get up and running, and PTIA is adding jobs right now at a fast clip.

In addition, ever since the worst of the pandemic restrictions drop in passenger traffic has been edging higher and higher toward its pre-pandemic levels so services that support passenger traffic at the airport are also looking for good help.

So, while Guilford County is attempting to create that future pipeline of aviation workers, the companies want warm bodies right now.  That was evidenced by the number of employers that took part in the job fair.  Among others were FedEx, HAECO Americas, Honda Jet, Prime Flight Aviation Services, TechnicAir Aircraft Maintenance, Archangels Transit Incorporated and The Budd Group.

At the job fair, some companies weren’t setting up interviews – they were conducting interviews on the spot.

In addition, there were businesses that run restaurants and bars at PTIA as well as a travel agency.

PTIA not only hosted the event – the airport even participated in it because it has a long list of important positions it’s currently trying to fill.

Ditto for the Transportation Security Administration, which was and still is seeking people who can ferret out contraband and bad guys before they get on a plane.