A county jail – even in a relatively new jail like the one Guilford County opened in downtown Greensboro a decade ago – is not a place you ever want to be.

And jail showers are notoriously places you especially don’t want to be.

That’s certainly true right now in the showers in the Guilford County Detention Center in downtown Greensboro, where conditions are concerning.

It’s a problem the county is about to spend nearly a half a million dollars to fix.

In this case, the jail’s shower floors and walls need repairs and county staff is requesting that the Guilford County Board of Commissioners approve $400,000 in project expenses to remedy the situation.

At the Thursday, May 18 meeting of the board, the commissioners will be asked to approve the proposed project to “repair shower floor and wall coatings in the Detention Center shower pods, including epoxy primer, mid coat, and urethane sealer.”

The county opened the detention center in downtown Greensboro just over a decade ago – after county taxpayers spent roughly $95 million on the giant new jail that replaced a crowded and dilapidated jail on the same block.

That old jail was meant to be torn down by now but is still standing because of a contract dispute between Guilford County and Samet Corp.

The (relatively) new jail in downtown Greensboro has faced other problems over the years despite its youth.

Last summer, for instance, the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department reported finding mold in inmate housing areas on the third, fifth and seventh levels.

In that case, Risk Management officials and the Sheriff’s Department hired an environmental testing company to perform air quality and mold assessments in the affected areas and hired another company to clean out any mold that was discovered.

If mold is still a problem in the jail these days, at least the inmates will have a nice place to clean themselves off once the county spends the $400,000 to fix the shower area.