The City of High Point is encouraging everyone to take part in a community beautification event on Saturday, August 6 and help with what’s known as the “Summer Trash Smash.”

This fifth annual Trash Smash will take place from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday across the city.

The event is meant to encourage High Point residents to clean up outside their homes – as well as pick up trash in their neighborhoods.

A lot of conscientious residents will do so out of the goodness of their hearts, however, for those needing encouragement, all participants have a chance to win gift cards from local restaurants, grocery stores and other area businesses.

Rebecca Coplin, High Point’s beautification supervisor, said it’s just one way to motivate people to chip in.

“The Summer Trash Smash is an effort that is beneficial in several different ways,” she said. “Residents are encouraged to keep their property and surrounding neighborhood clean and green and are recognized in a small but encouraging way.”

During the event, police and fire fighters will be driving around the city looking for people removing litter from their neighborhoods or beautifying the exterior of their property. When they see someone doing so, they may stop and give the residents a gift card.

The city noted that “not all officers and fire personnel on duty will be distributing gift cards.” So, if there’s a fire or a crime in High Point this Saturday, some help should still show up.

“Police and fire personnel have the opportunity to interact with our residents in a very positive way while also helping to provide a resource to food in an area classified as a food desert,” said Coplin. “This can mean a lot to someone who may really need it.”

Trash Smash participants are being asked to put any trash or recycling in their personal rolling cans or apartment dumpsters.

Larger items can be placed on the roadside for collection the following week by the city’s bulk collection truck.

For more information about the event, you can contact Rebecca Coplin at 336-883-3520 or email her at