When Guilford County Animal Services opened a new animal shelter in October of 2021, the Guilford County Board of Commissioners sounded strongly like the county would sell the property that’s in the heart of one of the busiest commerce sections of the region – just south of the intersection of I-40 and West Wendover in Greensboro.

However, though the property is no longer being used by the county, it never went on the market – and county officials won’t say what will happen with the real estate at 4525 W. Wendover Ave., near Bridford Parkway.

When Eddi Blanco, the county’s multimedia communications and public relations manager was asked in an email about the county’s plans for the land and whether or not it was for sale, the response was simply, “The property is currently not for sale.”

The property was in demand long before the county began planning a new animal shelter.  People used to approach former Guilford County Property Manager David Grantham in the early part of this century and ask him if the county ever planning on selling.  One of those interested buyers was the owner of a car dealership.

Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston said this week that the land hadn’t been a topic of discussion between staff and the commissioners for a long time, though he added that he did believe the county will eventually sell the land.

Alston said he thought the Humane Society of the Piedmont, which owns the property just in front of the old shelter, may be interested in buying the land.

“But we would have to put it out for upset bids,” Alston said of any deal made with the Humane Society.

Guilford County’s new animal shelter is at 980 Guilford College Road and the animals were moved out of the former dilapidated shelter years ago.

When the county built the former shelter decades ago, there was almost nothing there and the ragged road that ran by it wasn’t much to speak of.

However, now the site is jam-packed with commerce.

Several years ago, former Guilford County Commissioner Justin Conrad said, “My initial inclination would be to sell it.” He added. “If that area isn’t the hottest spot for real estate in Guilford County, it’s certainly one of them.”

Alston said two and a half years ago that he would be discussing the matter with Guilford County Manager Mike Halford to ascertain what should be done with the now abandoned land.