It didn’t take long after Republican District 3 Guilford County Commissioner Justin Conrad announced that he wasn’t running for that seat again before a new Republican announced entry into the 2022 race for that seat. 

On Friday, Nov. 12, Oak Ridge Town Councilmember George McClellan said he was throwing his hat into the ring and seeking enough votes to allow him to hold the same seat Conrad has held for eight years.

McClellan has served for about a decade on the Oak Ridge Town Council. District 3 includes his current constituents as well as many others in the northwest Guilford County. 

McClellan told the Rhino Times he began thinking about a run earlier this year and said he really admired the work Conrad had been doing as a commissioner.

He said he agrees with Conrad on many issues.

For one thing, McClellan is a big proponent of lower taxes.

“I’m also a strong supporter of public safety,” he said, adding that he also looks forward to supporting Guilford County Schools whenever school officials make “reasonable” requests to the Board of Commissioners.

In addition, he’d like to see a lot more jobs created in District 3 and other parts of the county.

“I support a business-friendly environment that promotes jobs,” he said.

He also said he opposes unnecessary regulations on businesses and he considers the current county mask mandate to be a prime example – unnecessary as well as detrimental to business.

McClellan posted a Facebook video at 11 a.m. on Friday announcing his candidacy. In that video, he started out by thanking Conrad for his “conservative” leadership and service.

McClellan, who’s a financial advisor, was born in Florida and moved to Guilford County in the 1980s.