The year 2022 may still seem like it’s a long way off right now, but, already, candidates are eyeing next year’s election and deciding whether or not to run.

Outspoken Oak Ridge Town Council Member George McClellan has been giving that question a lot of thought and it’s clear now that voters living in Guilford County Commissioner District 3 can expect to see his name on the ballot.

“I’m 98 percent sure I’m going to run,” McClellan told the Rhino Times.

He said he feels as though Oak Ridge is a very well-run town that manages to escape a lot of the drama and divisiveness found in some other local governments in the area.  He also said Oak Ridge is a town that provides services efficiently by handling taxpayer money with a great deal of care. He added that, if elected, he would bring that same level-headed management philosophy to the county for the benefit of the citizens.

Even though McClellan will be running for a county commissioners’ seat rather than a seat on the Guilford County Board of Education, McClellan has a whole lot of ideas about what’s wrong with Guilford County Schools right now.  The commissioners don’t run the schools – but they do have some sway over school operations since the county funds a large portion of the school system’s operating, repair and construction costs each year.

McClellan, who’s well known in local Republican circles, works in the financial industry helping clients manage estate, retirement and college planning.  In that industry,  he has won a National Quality Award. He said he believes those same financial skills will help him oversee Guilford County’s budget if his election bid is successful.

McClellan received his bachelor’s degree in political science from Mercer University and attended Florida State University’s business school.  He’s a member of the Greensboro Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors and is also a member of the Merchants Association of Oak Ridge.

The new commissioner candidate is a member of Oak Ridge United Methodist Church.

He is also active in historic preservation efforts in the county.

In his spare time, McClellan collects maps and is a student of US history.

The District 3 commissioners’ seat is currently held by Republican Commissioner Justin Conrad.