“Tennis anyone?”

That question, and many more like it, will be questions that the Town of Oak Ridge will start asking its citizens soon as that town tries to figure out what types of recreation projects the roughly 7,000 citizens want to see in their town – and what recreational enhancements those citizens will be willing to pay for with their tax dollars.

On Thursday evening, Jan. 11, at a meeting of the Oak Ridge Town Council, the council is scheduled to discuss the questions that will go on a new recreation survey that’s expected to play a big role in shaping which recreation projects are pursued by the town.

Oak Ridge Town Councilmember George McClellan said this week that he and other councilmembers are very interested to see the wishes of the public in that regard.

“There are a boatload of questions on the survey and the answers to those questions will drive needs,” he said.

The survey will be available to citizens once the council approves the questions.

McClellan said that the town tries to be frugal but it also works to enhance the quality of life in Oak Ridge, so town leaders are hoping the survey will help them provide the most bang for the recreational buck by addressing the true wants of the residents.

Some in Oak Ridge would like to see a swimming pool, while others want more park shelters or athletic fields.  The town’s past recreational projects by have included building a music stage at a park, adding a new picnic shelter and the creation of a dog park.

McClellan said his decisions as to what comes next will be driven by the survey results and the public’s desires, but he added that he did have a preference.

“Personally, I’d like to see some tennis courts,” McClellan said.