If you got a notice in the mail in February that your property has a much higher value in 2022 – and you know that’s going to lead to a higher property tax bill – well, you’d better speak soon or forever hold your peace.

This week, Guilford County government sent out notice of the April Board of Equalization and Review meeting and included this statement: “Anyone desiring to appeal the listing or appraisal of any property in Guilford County to the Board of Equalization and Review must submit an appeal form either online or on paper to the Tax Department by May 16, 2022. The Board will adjourn from accepting new appeals after this date but will continue to meet and consider appeals that have been submitted prior to the deadline.”

Almost all home, business and property values are much higher after the 2022 countywide “reval” than they were the last time the county conducted a reval – in 2017.  Since a property owner’s tax bill is based on the value of his or her property, many county property owners can expect to see a much higher property tax bill when those are sent out in July.

However, if you have good reason to think the Guilford County Tax Department is valuing your property too high, you have the right to argue your case in front of a board of fellow citizens: The Board of Equalization and Review – aka the “Board of E and R.”

If you do want to make your case that your value is too high, the meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 26, at 9 a.m. is being held “to consider a set agenda for appeals of property tax value.”

The meeting at this time of year gets an early start after a new countywide revaluation because the board can end up in very long meetings.

The April 26 meeting will be held in the John H. McAdoo Conference Room on the third floor of the county-owned BB&T building at 201 W. Market St. in Greensboro.  Once you walk out of the third-floor elevator, turn right, walk down the hall, and you’ll be at the entrance of the conference room.

The Board of E & R schedules hearing appointments for each appeal. Owners and their representatives will be contacted in advance regarding the time of the appointment to discuss the matter.

For additional information on the Board of E&R and this process visit:

https://www.guilfordcountync.gov/home/showpublisheddocument/12798/637834760367570000 .