It all ended well, but not before some very frightening moments at Northeast Guilford High School were endured by students, teachers and administrators at the school on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

That afternoon, there were a lot of questions posted on social media by people asking what in the world was going on at the school – and those questions were answered later in the day by a statement put out by the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department, which had responded to a call regarding a person with a weapon on school grounds.

The large law enforcement presence at the school was what first alerted some members of the public to the situation.

At about 3 p.m., deputies from the department were called to Northeast High School due to a report of a weapon on campus.

Northeast High School and Northeast Middle School were immediately locked down, as is called for by school safety protocols.

“Due to the nature of the allegation, numerous Deputies from the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office responded,” a press release from the department states.  “After a thorough investigation, a suspect was identified; however, no weapon was ever found on campus. There were no injuries during this incident.”

The release goes on to say that, “Because the individual involved was a juvenile, N.C. General Statute § 7B- 3100 precludes the Sheriff’s Office from releasing any further information concerning the investigation, its outcome, or juvenile court action taken, if any.”

The Sheriff’s Department also thanked staff and administrators in Guilford County Schools as well as everyone else who worked together during the incident to keep the students safe.

Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers in recent weeks has been on a very vocal campaign preaching the importance of “If you see something, say something.”

“Today’s incident was a successful example of this being put into action,” Rogers said.