The City of Greensboro is sometimes called the “Bull Riding Capital of the World.”

Well, not really – actually, there’s not much bull-riding going on here at all.  However, now, for the second time in two years, the Professional Bull Riders competition will come to the Greensboro Coliseum where riders will try to stay on the backs of bulls during a two-day bull riding battle on Saturday, Oct. 12 and Sunday, Oct. 13.

Promoters are calling it “edge-of-your-seat action” – but it’s really the bull riders who’ll be on the edge of their seats that weekend.

The “Greensboro Invitational” is the 25th stop on the Professional Bull Riders series tour, and it will feature the top 35 riders in the world competing in 8-second battles with large angry animals that don’t like having humans on their backs one bit.

Promoters are also promising “some of the rankest bulls on the planet” and they note that the bulls are often 10-times the size of the riders.

The Greensboro bull-riding event falls during the second half of the tour’s schedule, so it plays a key role in the race for berths in the PBR World Finals where a World Champion will be crowned.

There will also be special segments, such as the Saturday evening rider showcase when some of the sport’s up-and-coming talent – the Mini-Bull Riders – will exhibit their bull-riding skills.

Those who attend can even cheer on Greensboro resident Michael Lane, who’ll be trying to capture his first premier series event win in front of his hometown.  He’s trying to win crucial “world points” in the series and a berth to the third PBR World Finals of his career.

Lane, a native of Tazewell, Virginia, now lives in Greensboro. He’s an 11-year veteran of the PBR who, last year, finished at number 52 in the world standings after qualifying for the second PBR World Finals of his career.

So far in 2019, Lane has two event wins under his belt, along with 12 additional top ten finishes in PBR competitions.