The Guilford County Sheriff’s Department is creating a new advisory group to get input from a broad spectrum of the community.  On Thursday, March 14, Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers announced the creation of a new “Sheriffs Advisory Roundtable.”

While many of the details remain unknown, the roundtable is meant to increase communication between the department and the citizens that it protects.

According to a statement from the department, the invitation to serve on the roundtable is open to community leaders, religious leaders, law enforcement agency representatives, government officials, non-profit leaders and others.

Rogers announced the new entity at a press conference Thursday afternoon at which he spoke on his first 100 days in office but didn’t take any questions from the media.

Rogers said he was proud to announce the roundtable that will “provide feedback and guidance” as the department moves forward.

“The goal of this group will be to improve communications and community-oriented policing initiatives,” he said.

According to Rogers, the advisory group “will be very valuable in advancing our community policing mission as well as improving public safety-related communications.”

When Rogers was elected sheriff in November, he pledged that he would be a sheriff of the people and would listen carefully to the wishes and concerns of those in the community.  Rogers also pledged that his department would create stronger bonds with the citizens through more neighborhood patrols and community policing.

Those who are interested in serving on the roundtable are being asked to contact Max Benbassat, the department’s public information officer at