It was just about a month ago that county voters approved a $300 million school bond referendum for the repair and construction of Guilford County schools.

However, if some Democratic county commissioners have their way, it may not be long before the voters are asked to approve another school bond – this time a whopping $1.6 billion bond that Guilford County Commissioner Skip Alston said he wants to see on the ballot in 2022.

In addition, he said this week that the school bond should go on the ballot in the primary that year – rather than during the November General Election.

Alston, who’s expected to be named the new chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners next week – and who will be in control of a new Democratic-majority board – said this week that the schools need much more money than the Republican-led Board of Commissioners allowed on the ballot this year, and he wants to right that wrong as soon as possible.

According to Alston, it’s crystal clear that the schools need much more work than could be done with $300 million. He said putting the school bond on the primary ballot would get the money where it’s needed faster – should voters approve this referendum like they did the last one.

“It’s only 15 months away,” Alston said of the primary.

He also said he’s sure the new board will support the move. Several Democratic commissioners gave the Republican commissioners a severe tongue lashing earlier this year when they approved a bond referendum amount of $300 million. Also, new board members are school advocates, including Mary Beth Murphy – a teacher in Guilford County Schools who said she ran for office largely because she felt that the county commissioners weren’t adequately funding the schools.