Guilford County Parks is in the process of hiring hourly summer staff to oversee fun in the sun for county residents. 

There are job openings at Bur-Mil Park, Gibson Park, Hagan-Stone Park, Northeast Park, Southwest Park and also at the county’s passive parks and trails.

Some of the positions up for grabs are park attendants, cashiers and event hosts. 

Virtual interviews at the next hiring event will take place on Saturday, May 15 from 9 a.m. to noon.  In order to participate in the Saturday hiring event, applicants must apply for vacant positions online at

According to county parks officials, there are opportunities for people of various ages and all walks of life – including students and teachers who are looking for ways to use their summer breaks productively. 

 The county’s park system is also looking for “professionals seeking part-time summer employment, retirees, and everyone who wants to make a positive contribution to the parks,” and parks officials call the jobs “perfect for those who love the outdoors and are interested in pursuing a career in outdoor recreation.”

Park attendants – aka “parks ground tech assistants” – will work to maintain the grounds for the parks.

Cashiers will do just what you’d think.  They will, according to the county’s job description, “work to receive and disburse money which usually involves the use of cash registers and processing credit or debit card transactions and validating payments. Work includes greeting patrons and being able to adequately answer patron inquiries.”

Park event hosts will assist people renting out park facilities and do things like provide additional tables or chairs, explain the park system’s rules and regulations and answer park-goers questions about the facility being rented out. 

 You can learn more about Guilford County Parks, at