The North Carolina Association of County Commissioners (NCACC) brings the state’s counties together to conduct widespread initiatives that are mutually beneficial.

Recently, one top priority for the organization has been to bring better broadband internet service to underserved communities in counties across the state.

The Guilford County Board of Commissioners has also made this one of its top priorities.  In Guilford County government, Commissioner Kay Cashion has been one of the leaders in this local effort.

Recently, the NCACC Board of Directors met for its first time under the association’s new 106th president – Washington County Commissioner Tracey Johnson.

Johnson presided over the First Board of Directors Meeting of the Term as well as the inaugural Broadband Task Force Meeting.

The broadband initiative “Connecting Counties Task Force” was appointed by Johnson as part of her presidential initiative on broadband access.

According to NCACC officials, task force members “explored the complexities and opportunities in expanding broadband to underserved communities in North Carolina.”

The task force was also briefed by experts from the NC Department of Information Technology.

President Johnson said she’s excited about kicking off the project.

“I am thrilled to begin working with my Connecting Counties task force members to expand broadband connectivity throughout North Carolina,” she said. “We are passionate about understanding the on-the-ground impacts of disconnection in counties and have a goal of helping counties work with partners on broadband expansion projects.”

NCACC board members also recently received a briefing on the financial status of the Association, as well as approved appointments of members to the Oversight Committee of the North Carolina Property Tax Solution.