Seven years ago, Sarah Carter’s two children were taken from her by the Guilford County Department of Social Services and the Guilford County court system.

Carter hasn’t seen those children in over six years.  At the time her children were taken from her, Carter spoke to the Guilford County commissioners at a public meeting to convey what she said was an act of appalling injustice.

Carter has never given up her fight, and, just before Christmas this year, she returned to speak to the Guilford County Board of Commissioners – still trying to see her children and, she added, attempting to get the county to stop taking unjust actions against other parents who are currently going through similar experiences.

Carter said in her speech from the floor to the commissioners that she wanted to move them to take actions that would allow her to see her children once again and would also put an end to what she claims is a corrupt system that unfairly removed her children from her and is currently continuing to do the same with other parents.

At the time that the county claimed she was an unfit parent and took custody of her children, Carter fought as hard as she could to reverse the decision.  She came to the Rhino Times office to tell her story, and she spoke as a speaker from the floor to the Board of Commissioners.

“I was here seven years ago,” Carter told the board at its final meeting of 2022. “Some of you should remember who I am. Seven years ago, my children were unconstitutionally and very traumatically seized by this county. A social worker committed perjury in court to keep my children.”

Carter added that she does not say the Pledge of Allegiance anymore because “there is not justice for all.”

“I have not seen my children for over 2200 days,” she said, adding that the commissioners could help fix the problems that continue hurting parents.

In 2015, when a social services official was asked about the case, the official said she was limited in what she could reveal about the custody case, but she added that the department always does everything it can to keep children with their parents as long as those parents could provide a safe environment.

Carter maintains that she loves her children deeply and that she has never done anything that would remotely justify taking them away.

“The court system here in Guilford County is still, pardon my French, corrupt as hell,” Carter told the board.

At the meeting, she named an assistant district attorney who she claimed was corrupt.

“We have to put the law, and what society demands of all of us, above our friendships and our allegiances.

Carter concluded: “You are in a position of power to do that, but you are also servants,” she said.  “I don’t care what political party you are with.  You can lead us.  You can go forward.  Right now, all that’s happening is families are getting hurt.”