The year 2020 has been completely uneventful and has given people nothing to stress out about.

OK, so that’s a complete lie. However, Mental Health Greensboro has, at least, announced some Wellness Academy summer course offerings – both in-person and online – that can help keep people mentally grounded in these tough times.

Mental Health Greensboro is offering everything from a new online support group to battle grief and loss to a class that helps families deal with troubles and a class that shows people how to increase their “distress tolerance”– a skill that’s unquestionably needed in this year of a pandemic, economic woes and riots in the streets.

The Greensboro-based organization that promotes mental well-being says the courses will allow you “a summer focusing on your mental wellness and turn this strange year into a time of self-care and motivation.”

Registration for the classes and workshops is required. To register, go to Mental Health Greensboro’s website at A complete list of the offerings can be found at the site.

Among the classes are a “WRAP and Trauma” class, which is “specifically designed to support individuals that have experienced trauma and who are seeking to achieve wellness and recovery.” (WRAP, by the way, stands for “Wellness Recovery Action Plan.”)

Another class is for families that have experienced trauma and one on “being your authentic self.” In that class, people will “discover how to live a life where words are aligned with actions, how to commit to live life according to one’s beliefs and values, and how to live with genuine compassion for self and others.”

Mental Health Greensboro is even offering some fun online game time to help everyone reduce stress.

The classes that are held in the group’s office are limited in size due to COVID-19, so those interested are being encouraged to sign up soon to reserve a spot.

The online classes and workshops will be held via, what else, Zoom. Once someone registers for an online class, a Zoom link, along with a meeting access code, will be sent to them. Those with questions can call Mental Health Greensboro at 336-373-1402 or email their questions to