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There’s been a great deal of focus for the last month on how people can preserve their physical health in the age of the coronavirus – but one Greensboro agency, Mental Health Greensboro, has new plans to help area residents preserve their mental health.

The organization, which provides direct services to people recovering from mental illness and has been meeting mental health needs in Greensboro for the last 80 years, will soon offer online mental health support, and telephone support, for those affected by the virus.

Beginning at 10 a.m. on Monday, April 6, Mental Health Greensboro will be conducting the online mental health workshops using the (increasingly popular) Zoom video conferencing app.

There will be one workshop at 10 a.m. every day of the week beginning Monday, April 6. Each workshop will focus on combatting specific problems that are all too common these days: distress, anxiety, loneliness, anger management and thoughts of suicide.

“The workshops are designed to address some of the mental health challenges one may be experiencing during this unprecedented time,” a press release from Mental Health Greensboro states.

Information on the date and time of each workshop, as well as how to participate, can be found at

The release states that the organization is “scrambling to find ways to provide services while maintaining social distance as society seeks to slow the spread of the disease.”

To that end, while Mental Health Greensboro’s physical office is temporarily closed, it is taking other steps. Since support groups can’t meet in person right now, for instance, Mental Health Greensboro has established a variety of online Facebook support groups that are meant to help people feel more connected.

Also, Mental Health Greensboro’s specialists are still on hand at 336-373-1402 to discuss with people their experiences, struggles and mental health needs.

“Do not feel like you are alone during this time when shelter in place orders are in effect,” the organization encourages.

“Please give us a call to talk about how these strange times are affecting you,” it adds of what are indeed very strange times.