Pandemics are, as a rule, bad for the mental health of just about everyone.

However, one local organization that works to promote mental health in the area has decided to focus a late August offering on one segment of society in particular – the LGBTQ community.

Mental Health Greensboro, as part of its Provider Academy series, is offering a workshop on August 24 at 3 p.m. meant to help promote the mental health of lesbian, gay and trans members of the community.

Like just about everything else these days, the workshop will be online rather than in an actual physical location.

Provider Academy is an initiative of Mental Health Greensboro that’s meant to help behavioral health providers, substance abuse providers and peer support specialists get access to information about the most current mental health issues and obtain an awareness of the most effective treatment methods. Those workshops offer continuing education credit hours for those who use it to further their knowledge.

The guest speaker for the workshop, Melvy Shaw, the Guilford Green Foundation LGBTQ Center manager, plans to provide attendees some insight into mental health treatment for the LGBTQ community.

The workshop’s goal is to highlight the most pervasive issues members of the LGBTQ community face when they seek treatment.

In a press release announcing the event, Mental Health Greensboro explained the rationale for focusing on this particular group with the workshop.

“LGBTQ people with mental health conditions may also find themselves fighting a double stigma,” the statement reads. “Many will experience prejudice based on their sexual and/or gender identity as well as the stigma associated with mental illness. Confronting these challenges and mental health symptoms with an LGBTQ-inclusive therapist can lead to better outcomes, and even recovery.”