By now, just about everyone knows a whole lot about Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers, but they might not be familiar with the man who is, as of Monday, Dec. 3, the second most powerful law enforcement officer in the department’s chain of command – brand new Chief Deputy Edward Melvin.

Born in South Carolina in 1960, the retired NC Highway Patrol officer now lives in Summerfield, and, at Rogers’ request, Melvin has come out of retirement to help lead the Sheriff’s Department.

Melvin joined the Highway Patrol in 1989 and worked out of Vance County before moving to Guilford County.  Since he served in the military before joining the Highway Patrol, he could retire at an age younger than most and he took advantage of that fact to do so in 2012.

Melvin said this week that he’s very excited to be back, under Rogers, and he added that now his job is to follow orders and help Rogers achieve his vision for the department.

“I’m a soldier,” Melvin said. “I’m here to implement the sheriff’s agenda.  He is my boss. I am here to help him go in whatever direction he wants to go.”

Melvin said one good thing about that arrangement is that there’s a great deal of agreement between the two men on what changes need to be made.  He said they share a common vision for the department.

“I’m in line with him on practically everything,” Melvin said.

Melvin, who makes $110,725 a year in his new position, said he has no desire to be sheriff himself.

“The sheriff has four stars and I have three,” Rogers said, adding that he’s fine with just three stars.

He said he saw what Rogers had to go through in the campaign and added that he didn’t ever want to go through that himself.

According to Melvin, at times in the first few days of the new administration things have been pretty chaotic with all the changes being implemented, but now things are settling down.

At the mass swearing-in ceremony for officers on Monday, Dec. 3 Melvin spoke to the group saying, “I am humbled and honored to serve with this Sheriff’s Department.  I’ve worked with many of you when I was a highway patrolman and I am happy that the sheriff has selected me for this position.  You guys are the best out there.  I’ve met a lot of you and our job is not that difficult.  It’s just that we have to take this office in the direction the sheriff wants to go in.”