Some citizens of the quaint town of Summerfield are wary of any development in that community.

So a good number of them didn’t like the news one bit this week that Summerfield businessman, farmer and developer David Couch is planning to build a large residential development called Summerfield Farms Village.

There are a great many details still to be determined regarding the project; however, at a Tuesday, Sept. 22 meeting of the Summerfield Town Council, Couch unveiled his plans to bring in water and sewer from the City of Greensboro and build the village on land he owns – creating lots for hundreds of new homes for the town.

The day after the presentation, Summerfield Mayor BJ Barnes said he was delighted with what he’d seen in Couch’s presentation. He said he was aware that some Summerfield citizens don’t want things to change but he added that Couch’s plans called for an extremely nice residential area that would use open space, trails and other methods to help preserve a lot of the natural beauty of the area.

“It’s a win, win, win all around,” said Barnes, who pointed out that Summerfield would see some controlled growth, Guilford County would see its tax base increase in value and Greensboro would benefit from selling the water.

Barnes has long been an advocate of Summerfield having better options for fire protection and this move would certainly help in that regard, he said.

Barnes said that if some of the critics in town can get past their wholesale fear of change, they’ll realize the benefits.

“If people look at it with an open mind, they will see it’s a good thing,” Barnes said.

He added that this is “a 25-year project,” so there will be time to guide the process in a way that’s beneficial to the town.

Dena Barnes, BJ Barnes’ wife and a woman who’s also served as mayor of Summerfield, said that some people in the town are opposed to all development whatsoever.

“These are people who moved into town and don’t want anyone else to move here,” she said.

Dena Barnes called them NIMBY’s – those who shout, “Not in my backyard!”