Two Guilford County commissioners are getting some harsh criticism due to a picture posted on the county’s Facebook page. 

Four commissioners recently attended the National Association of County Commissioners (NACo) Annual Conference in Washington, DC.  On Wednesday, Feb. 17, county staff posted a picture of some of the attendees on the county’s Facebook page, which showed the group bunched together indoors with no one wearing a mask. 

The Guilford County Board of Commissioners recently passed a mandate that states that all county residents must wear a mask while indoors in public places.

Two Guilford County commissioners depicted in the picture (seen above) were Kay Cashion and Carlvena Foster. 

A description of the picture stated that the commissioners “recently” attended the conference in Washington.  Foster and Cashion have both voted for past mandates as well as the one currently in effect.

As soon as the picture went up the biting comments began to come in.

Michele M.. Fox, for instance, posted  “Lovely. This looks like a good sign that mask mandates will be dropped soon in Guilford County!! It’s time to show our smiling faces and let our children do the same in the schools!”

Facebook user Nichole Lawson merely wrote “Nice masks,” while Elizabeth Foster chimed in: “Must be nice to be maskless. Funny – if you really thought they were necessary as you are mandating for your constituents, you’d be wearing them in DC whether or not they were required. Hypocrites. Vote. Them. Out.”

C.J. Smith wrote “More evidence of the hypocrisy. This rules for thee but not for me “leadership” is getting pretty old in Guilford County.”

The Guilford County Board of Commissioners is meeting on Thursday, Feb. 17 to determine if Guilford County should continue its current mask mandate.