It turns out that there’s a lot of interest in the Guilford County-owned building at 232 N. Edgeworth St.

The property has just landed a new upset bid from one of Greensboro’s best-known success stories – Louis DeJoy, the retired CEO of XPO Logistics Inc. who now runs the equity and real estate firm LDJ Global Strategies.

After Guilford County put the building on the market, it received a bid from Samet Corp., however, that bid got beat by an upset bid from Williams Development Group of Winston-Salem – and now DeJoy has jumped into the fray with a bid of $2,021,300 from LDJ Global Strategies.

County officials, of course, are pleased to see the price offered for the property going up. Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Jeff Phillips said he’s not surprised by all the interest in the building given the downtown development going on around it.

Phillips also said that he’d recently “heard through the grapevine” that DeJoy’s group had some interest in the building so he’s not surprised by that bid.

“As close as that building is to the ball park, along with upwards of $200 million of current and future development underway within a stone’s throw of that location, it’s obviously a great long-term investment opportunity for any serious investment group,” Phillips said.

He added that development in the area around the building by Greensboro developer Roy Carroll, who is the owner of the Rhino Times, is one contributing factor to the strong interest in the property.

“We can all thank Roy Carroll for his commitment to that area because I think, regardless of who ends up with that building, it’s likely to be another big win for downtown Greensboro,” Phillips said. “As I understand it, the next 10-day upset bid process will be advertised next week so we’ll see where things go from here.”

Now the Guilford County Clerk to the Board is ready to advertise for yet new upset bid.