While many residents in Summerfield are dismayed by the fact that all full-time town staff have submitted their resignations, one Summerfield Town Councilmember, Jonathan Hamilton, sees this as a chance for the town to start fresh and finally get the small town on the right track.

Hamilton put out a press release of his own soon after all of the town’s full-time staff announced that they were resigning over the way Summerfield Town Manager Scott Whitaker was being shown the exit door.

“While I believe the resignations were at least in part politically motivated, I see this as a great opportunity for Summerfield,” Hamilton wrote in a statement he released on Sunday night, May 19 – the same night the town staff announced its resignation.  “With our current town manager’s contract ending soon, we will be able to hire a new town manager that can start fresh. This transition will allow that manager to carefully assemble a dedicated team committed to serving Summerfield, while also forming a cohesive staff that is essential for effective governance. I believe this is going to position our town for success.”

Hamilton, in his statement also addressed another elephant in Summerfield’s room, one that played a big role in the tensions that eventually led the town to this dramatic point.  The town leaders and town residents have been in a battle over whether developer David Couch should be allowed to build a residential and mixed-use development in Summerfield.

 Currently, the NC General Assembly is considering whether or not Couch should be allowed to de-annex the roughly 1,000 acres where he wants to put the project.

“During this transition,” Hamilton wrote, “I want the General Assembly to know that our town is still unified in our fight against de-annexation. I especially want the people of Summerfield to know that my commitment to serving our residents remains unwavering and that I’m proud of our current council.  Lynne Devaney’s tireless efforts, Heath Clay’s genuine interest in all aspects of the town, and Janelle Robinson’s inquisitive nature – all contribute to effective representation of our residents.”

Hamilton went on to state that the town has a lot going for it and the fresh start for the residents of Summerfield makes him optimistic about the future.

It also sounds like the council already has some people in mind to fill the many vacancies.

“We have such a wonderful and supportive community here in Summerfield,” he wrote. “I’ve already had multiple citizens volunteer to step in as we move forward, and I am confident that our town won’t miss a beat.  I am grateful for our residents and ask that we continue to stand united in working together for the betterment of Summerfield.”