In law enforcement, most of the real excitement takes place on the weekend – or, if not, it usually happens later in the day or at night. 

However, in the 6 a.m. hour of Tuesday, May 18 – when many area residents were still snug in their beds – officers with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department, the Greensboro Police Department and the High Point Police Department were already earning their pay and then some.

The Sheriff’s Department reported on Tuesday, May 18, that, at about 6:15 a.m., department deputies responded to a call regarding criminal activity along a section of Sagewood Road in Jamestown.

 The call turned into a lively chase with a happy ending. 

 According to the Sheriff’s Department, the report involved suspected motor vehicle breaking and entering in the area, and officers who pulled up to the scene had quite a sight: “multiple suspects” fleeing the scene of the alleged crime.

That led to a car chase – a “vehicle pursuit” in the department’s official description – which eventually took the apparent robbers and pursuing officers into the city limits of High Point. 

Near the intersection of Lincoln Drive and Prospect Street in High Point, the car crashed.

Four suspects fled on foot from the scene of the accident – however, soon after, all four were apprehended.   

When officers searched the wrecked vehicle driven by the alleged thieves, they found, according to the report from the Sheriff’s Department,  “Numerous items of property.”

Despite four people being involved, a car chase, a wreck and a foot pursuit, the department reported that there were no injuries.