There aren’t a whole lot of ways to fight the coronavirus and not everyone has always been sold on face masks as a way to do that, but right now Guilford County government is clearly 100 percent behind the use of masks.

In recent weeks, the county has been doing everything possible to get masks to citizens.

Recently, Guilford County purchased a vast supply of reusable cloth facemasks to give away for free, and, on Wednesday, Oct. 21, the county once again reminded everyone to use masks and pick up free ones if they don’t have any.

In the Wednesday press release, the top Guilford County elected official made it crystal clear he wants to see the free masks picked up and used. Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Jeff Phillips said masks are a major tool for getting business in the county back to normal.

“As we continue to reduce the spread of the Corona Virus and enter into flu season,” Phillips stated, “it is important that we stay diligent in our commitment to protect our citizens as we re-open our communities and return to normal business. Access to reusable cloth face-covering and hand sanitizers is a key part of our Public Health strategy during this pandemic.”

The county’s Oct. 21 press release stresses that the pandemic remains “a global public health threat whose harmful effects have been felt across the nation and here in Guilford County.”  

Guilford County recently announced a large number of mask distribution points. Details can be found at the county’s website at

The next big giveaway will be from 8 a.m. to noon on Thursday, Oct. 22, at the Department of Social Services offices in High Point at 325 E. Russell Ave.

Speaking of High Point, the city is doing something similar to what the county is doing. High Point Transit will be giving away reusable masks and bottles of hand sanitizer from 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 22, at the terminal at 201 W. Broad Ave. in High Point. (It will, at the same time, offer early voting transit information to its riders.)

Those masks were provided by the North Carolina Department of Transportation and the Federal Transit Administration. High Point Transit passengers are required to wear a mask or facial covering that covers both their nose and mouth. They are also required to practice social distancing.

One plus: The High Point Transit system remains fare-free for now..