Now that life is returning to something vaguely resembling normalcy, people are once again venturing out to spots around the Triad to enjoy the nightlife. 

Soon, those in High Point who appreciate a hearty glass of beer will have a new place to throw a few back. Paddled South Brewing Co. in downtown will offer a good variety of beers to choose from for patrons celebrating the post-pandemic times.

The brewery, which is at 602 North Main Street in High Point, is holding its grand opening on Thursday, May 27. 

This is just one more sign that High Point’s downtown will have new life this summer, with High Point Rocker’s home baseball games getting underway at the start of June and many other businesses opening back up as COVID-19 becomes less of a threat.

Paddled South will have a multi-barrel brewing system that the owners say will allow them to rapidly rotate among various beer styles including traditional IPA’s, Pale Ales, Pilsners, Wheats, Porters and Stouts. The brewery will have a special focus on Belgian and traditional German style beers like Dunkels, Dopplebocks, Maibocks and Kolschs.

Many of the beers offered will be “bourbon barrel aged.”

There should also be quite a bit of atmosphere for the place since it’s in a historic building built in 1935 and the restaurant’s interior includes a 14-foot-high, scissor truss ceiling with exposed natural wood.

  Paddled South also features an outdoor beer garden along with its indoor taproom.  In addition, the drinking establishment has two large glass garage doors in the front and rear of the building.

The brewery plans to draw in the public by frequently featuring food trucks, live music and special community events.