The Greensboro Arm Wrestling League – also known as GRAWL – announced this week that, on Saturday, Oct. 12, it will hold the event “GRAWL Brawl XII: Country Queens” Gibbs Hundred Brewing at 504 State Street in Greensboro in order to raise money for She ROCKS the Triad – a local nonprofit that works to fight ovarian cancer.

About 80 volunteers come together to put on GRAWL’s ladies arm wrestling events in support of good causes. According to the group, since everyone involved is a volunteer – from the emcee to the DJ to the ticket takers – every dollar the group raises goes to the local nonprofits being served.

The group calls themselves “fierce feminist philanthropists” and notes that, since the league’s inaugural season in 2016, GRAWL has raised about $35,000 for nonprofits.

GRAWL’S self-description on its Facebook page states, “At the Greensboro Arm Wrestling League, we believe in the power of community. You don’t need a ton of money or power to make a positive change in Greensboro. You need to have passion and heart. And we’ve got it in spades.”

The “ROCKS” in She ROCKS the Triad stands for “Research Ovarian Cancer Knowledge Support.” It’s a newly formed local affiliate of the Wilmington-based nonprofit. She ROCKS also works to heighten awareness of the disease that is often symptom-less in the early stages and it provides support and information to woman facing the disease.