Jeron Hollis is well known to reporters and government officials across Guilford County and he’s about to get even more well known. 

This week, Hollis accepted the role of “managing director of communication and public engagement” for the City of High Point.

 Hollis will assume that role beginning on Monday,  Feb. 1.

In the new position, he’ll have an extensive role in the city’s government – with many of his duties being public-facing ones that will keep him on the local news and in front of area reporters.  So, in some respects, Hollis will be the new face of the city.

As his new title suggests, he’ll oversee all aspects of public relations, marketing and branding for the city – and he’ll also take the lead on all “media engagement and diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.”

 In addition, Hollis will continue the current role he has in community engagement and outreach programs, and he’ll take on some special assignments from the High Point City Council and the city manager.

In recent years, Guilford County government and many of the  governments of the cities and towns in the county, have been paying more attention to how their local governments engage with the media and the public.  For years, Guilford County government, for instance, had no one at all to handle public relations and public engagement, but that was a priority of former County Manager Marty Lawing who convinced the Board of Commissioners to create the position.

High Point has also been putting more emphasis on that function.

Hollis, who’s been with the City of High Point since 2012, was a prominent figure in Greensboro city government before heading to the southwest corner of the county.  

He has worked in local and federal government for nearly 16 years, including a stint with the City of Greensboro’s Public Affairs Department. 

Hollis holds a Masters of Public Affairs degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

In addition, he has worked as a “district liaison” in the US House of Representatives.