Now that it’s November, many people are starting to think a lot about Christmas.

However, when you’re one of the nine members of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners, there’s something else to start thinking about right now.

 Who will chair the board in 2024?

That leader will be elected by fellow commissioners at the board’s first meeting in December.

Guilford County Commissioner Alan Perdue said that he had not yet been approached by any other commissioner asking for his support. However, he said he knows that it’s about that time of year.

The first and most important question when it comes to the county’s next chairman or chairwoman is whether or not current Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston wants the job again.  Alston, who’s been chairman more times than you can count on one hand, will be a lock for the job if he decides he wants it.

Alston has been chairman of the board since the Democrats won the majority of the board seats in 2020. With the board currently stacked with a majority of Democrats very loyal to Alston, the job will no doubt be his if he wants it.

If Alston – who’s a very busy real estate entrepreneur running multiple businesses and a man who has a great love of golf – decides to let someone else run the board, the most likely candidate may be Commissioner Carlvena Foster.

She represents a large number of people in High Point.

One commissioner told the Rhino Times, “I’m thinking Carlvena may be interested,” but added that Foster had not said that yet.

Foster would seem to have the inside lane for a number of reasons, if Alston decides to vacate the seat.

 For one thing, she is vice chair and that is often a stepping stone to the chair in Guilford County government.

Also, the commissioners like to have someone from High Point chair the board once and awhile so High Point residents don’t complain about being underrepresented in Guilford County government.

In addition, most of the other commissioners are relatively new to the board, are Republicans, or have indicated that they aren’t interested in the job at this time.