After a shooting near the corner of Elmwood Drive and West Cornwallis on Saturday, Feb. 13, residents in that Irving Park neighborhood are coming together to attempt to help find the culprit and get the Greensboro City Council to take action to address shootings in the city.

On the evening of Feb. 13, a man, his wife and young child were in a car turning from Cornwallis onto Elmwood when multiple shots rang out and hit the car – and sent the man to the hospital with a bullet wound to the arm. The shooter has not been caught.

Many of those who live in the area were shocked by the crime, which is unheard of for the neighborhood. Those now trying to unify people in the area say this type of crime is terrible wherever it takes place and that this incident shows that shooting crimes are now happening everywhere in the community.

Residents are now banding together to raise reward money, seeking information that may help police, and contacting city leaders to address Greensboro’s growing gun violence and homicide problem.

A Zoom meeting has already been held with some city councilmembers and about 100 residents or concerned citizens.

This week, one couple in the area sent out a letter to encourage people to voice their concerns to Greensboro city councilmembers and take other action.

“This is not acceptable in our neighborhood and also not acceptable in any neighborhood in Greensboro,” the letter stated.

The writers are setting up a reward fund to catch the shooter. If the reward isn’t claimed, the money will be donated to the Greensboro Police Department.  

The letter also gives the name and number of the police detective on the case and requests that everyone who lives nearby search deep in their recollections for any details that might help.

It asked people who drove or walked by the intersection that day to recall if they had seen anything unusual.

“Did you walk by?” it asks. “Did you see an unusual car on your street that day?…. Please think of everything!! Did you have a working (or non-working) outdoor camera that could have picked up any information?”

The letter asked people with security cameras to check with their security companies to see if any information can be gleaned from that day’s footage.