On Sunday, Aug. 16, residents of Irving Park who were lucky enough to look out their windows at the right time got to see an unusual sight – a parent and baby deer enjoying the afternoon in the neighborhood that’s well inside the city. 

Greensboro residents who live in the nature-rich neighborhood and the surrounding areas are used to seeing birds, squirrels, chipmunks and bunny rabbits – and even foxes from time to time.  However, as more and more land in the city is developed, deer sightings are becoming more frequent.

It may be an even more common sight in the future.  Some deer hang out in the large, wooded section wedged between West Cone Boulevard and West Cornwallis Drive – however, a coming new development by Koury Corp will take most of those woods away.

There is no hunting allowed in Irving Park so the dear are generally only threatened by the perils such as crossing a busy street like Cornwallis where speeding is frequent.  There are no “Deer Crossing” signs on Cornwallis or other busy roads in the area but deer tend to ignore those signs anyway and cross wherever they feel like it.

Experts say not to feed dear that come into your yard because they may become dependent on humans for food and not be able to survive in the wild.

The most famous appearance of two deer in Greensboro occurred in October of 2015 when a pair jumped through the front glass of the Lincoln Financial Building in downtown Greensboro.  Police later found the two deer on the patio of Cafe Europa.

The most noteworthy two-deer event in the state this year was in Leland, North Carolina in January, when, according to the Associated Press, “An unlucky start to a North Carolina man’s day turned upside down when he discovered he won a $2 million lottery prize hours after hitting two deer with his new car.”