The Guilford County Sheriff’s Department announced this week that the Guilford County Inmate Reentry Program – which helps former inmates readjust to life outside jail and prison – will be hosting an open house on Friday, June 10. 

The event, which will take place from 10 a.m. to noon that day, is being held to celebrate the grand opening of the Guilford County Reentry Center, which is in Room 132 of the Guilford County High Point courthouse at 505 E. Green Dr.  

You may need to be a former inmate to go through the Reentry Program, however, anyone and everyone is welcome at the June 10 grand opening that’s being held “to celebrate the Guilford County Reentry Program’s effort to assist justice served and justice involved men and women transition back into the community.”

 The Reentry Program takes a very holistic attitude toward helping people keep from relapsing into a life of crime.  It offers former inmates assistance in a wide variety of areas such as clothing, housing, food, employment and education.

 It also provides mental health support and access to substance abuse programs for those former inmates who need those services.

In the calendar year 2020, the Inmate Reentry Program provided transition and support services for 128 men and women who have served active jail or prison sentences.

Guilford County and its partners began offering inmate reentry support out of the High Point courthouse in April 2020, however, it wasn’t a terrific time to hold a grand opening event with a lot of people crowded into an indoor space.

The program has partnered with another organization – NC FIT – to connect with people being released from incarceration.