The City of Greensboro’s Ad-hoc Committee on African American Disparity is putting on its inaugural GOBIG Summit on Saturday, June 1.

 GOBIG stands for “Go Blacks In Greensboro,” and has the theme of “Reducing Barriers, Moving Forward.”

Unlike many events promoted by the city, it’s not free: There’s a $50 online registration fee; however, that includes access to the panels and vendors, lunch, and parking for the day.

Promotional materials for the summit state that the June 1 event features “a collection of panel discussions hosted by City leaders and community partners, plus a catered lunch and access to vendors,” and adds that “Organizers hope the program connects Black residents around the Juneteenth holiday and draws attention to concerns that impact Black communities at a rate disproportionate to others.”

The panel will address topics such as community engagement, economics, education, health, housing and justice.

The summit will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on June 1 at the International Civil Rights Center and Museum at 134 S. Elm St. in Downtown Greensboro.

This program kicks off the committee’s 2024-25 GOBIG Series, which will, in various ways, examine “issues of marginalization for Greensboro’s Black residents and visitors.”

The city’s Ad-hoc Committee on African American Disparity attempts to break down barriers that prevent the success of black residents who live in Greensboro.

The committee researches policies and procedures, collects community feedback, and frequently makes recommendations to the Greensboro City Council on the best ways to improve access to resources for local African Americans.

Those interested can learn more about the commission at