Being a firefighter usually means putting out fires, but sometimes it means starting them as well – and that’s exactly what will be going on in Northwest Greensboro on Friday, April 26.  That day, firefighters will first play arsonists in order for the Greensboro Fire Department to conduct live fire training and gain experience saving lives in those situations.

Firefighters will train from about  8 a.m. to 5 p.m. that day.

The unlucky house is the one at 1816 New Garden Road, and, if you see it on fire while driving by, you don’t need to call 911 because first responders knew all about this particular fire well before it happened.

 As part of the all day exercises, firefighters will practice things like proper ventilation during a fire fight, search and rescue techniques, and, of course, fire extinguishment.

The Fire Department is putting out the word to citizens ahead of time so they won’t be alarmed if they see fire and smoke emanating from the structure. According to fire officials, the amount of smoke present in the area due to the training exercises shouldn’t pose any health hazards.

The event announcement alerting people of the exercises states, “All structures utilized for live fire training by the Greensboro Fire Department meet compliance with NC DENR-Air Quality and NC Public Health regulations.”

Department officials say the live fire training provides the opportunity for firefighters to gain “valuable practice and experience” in fire control as well as in other activities that occur when battling a blaze in a structure that sometimes has people inside.