When the brand new BB&T Point stadium was being built in High Point last year, everyone talked about baseball coming to the ballpark – but, now, on Wednesday nights, the place has suddenly become home to another type of ball that many didn’t see coming – kickball.

A new co-ed adult kickball competition – the “Rocking Kickball League” – is bringing some new midweek life to the ballpark that’s meant to be the center of downtown activity for High Point.

Loren Hill, the president of the High Point Economic Development Corp., said the new kickball league is becoming the talk of the town.  He said city workers are among those who are enjoying the league tremendously.

“Several folks I know who work with the City of High Point talk about how much fun it is,” Hill said this week.

The 20-team league has proven so popular, in fact, that the 2019 season sold out at a cost of $900 a team.  In August, 16 of those 20 teams will take part in the playoffs – with the winning team getting a trophy and the use of suite at a High Point Rockers baseball game.

The league gives area residents a chance to get out on the attractive new playing field and compete with their friends as well as work off some calories under the stadium lights on Wednesday nights between 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

The stadium that opened for baseball in May was built largely to help attract businesses and foot traffic to downtown High Point and the kickball league is something of an icing on the cake in that effort.

The regular season for the 2019 league play started in June and runs through August.  Each team plays twice on Wednesday night and the public is welcome to come out and watch.

All players must be at least 21 years of age – and they do check ID – and teams have to have at least seven players with no more than 18 on the roster.  Also, all teams must have at least six women on the roster and a minimum of four in the field at all times.

One drawback for some is this rule: “Absolutely NO outside food or drink allowed.”