Some of the most interesting local government battles in Guilford County history have been fought over signage rules – think the N-Club’s battles with the City of Greensboro for one.

Now, the City of High Point is revamping its sign ordinance and, wisely, city leaders are seeking a good deal of input before arriving at a new set of rules governing signs.

To that end, the city has created a proposed draft of the new laws for public review. City leaders are hoping High Point residents will weigh in on the new sign regulations and provide a lot of helpful input.  That way, any major complaints can be dealt with before a new ordinance is enacted.

That draft and other related information can be found on the City of High Point’s website at Residents’ comments and questions can be sent to

That input will be discussed on Tuesday, June 14, at a drop-in meeting for those who want to put their two cents in in person.

Anyone who has questions about the process can contact the High Point Planning and Development Department at 336-883-3328.

High Point’s sign regulations have been tweaked over the past three decades, but they haven’t been completely overhauled since 1992. (The city’s current development ordinance, which was rewritten and adopted in 2016, didn’t include a rewrite of the sign regulations.)

According to city planning officials, the goal of the rewrite is to “create user-friendly regulations through simplified language and graphics to illustrate the regulations wherever possible.”

The project began with a consulting company conducting a review and assessment of the city’s existing regulations.

The consultants also held interviews with business leaders and others and sought input from the public through mailed and online surveys.

Public meetings were held as well so the consultants could share their initial observations and ideas with the residents and city leaders.  Those sessions offered feedback opportunities earlier in the process.