The City of High Point is going to be up and running on Tuesday, Jan. 18 – after the weekend winter weather that blanketed the county – however, the city will be getting its day started a little late due to the snow and ice that remains on the ground continuing to create treacherous conditions in some spots, especially on back roads.

On Monday afternoon, Jan. 17, city officials announced that High Point will be operating on a two-hour delay Tuesday.  That will include the opening of City of High Point facilities and waste collection operations.

According to the statement put out by the city, solid waste collection on January 18 will begin at 8 a.m. and those work crews “will collect as much yard waste and bulk items as the snow and ice will permit.”

The city’s statement notes that due to snow piles, remaining ice, fallen tree limbs or other factors, access to certain areas may be too hazardous to reach.  In those cases, the work crews will return to pick up waste at a later date once conditions have improved.

While city offices and waste services will operate on the delay, High Point’s transit service won’t be running at all on January 18  due to the road conditions.  Many of the main roads in High Point and Guilford County have been plowed, but problems remain on secondary roads.

High Point officials are encouraging all city residents to display “patience and cooperation” until everything is running smoothly again.

They’re also advising that residents “use caution and stay safe.”

It could take a while for conditions to get back to normal because the weather forecast calls for very cold temperatures in Guilford County in the coming days, with a chance of more snow at the end of the week.