Usually, people will get arrested for painting or drawing on city-owned property.

But that won’t be the case for a select few area artists who are being sought by the City of High Point to beautify some stormwater drains in a key parking lot in hopes that the move will call attention the importance of keeping pollution out of those drains.

The City of High Point Stormwater Division ­– yes, they have whole division dedicated to that – along with Keep High Point Beautiful, is seeking out local artists to paint storm drains in the parking lot of the High Point Public Library in an effort “to educate fellow citizens about stormwater pollution in an eye-catching and memorable way.”

The city in recent years has been very active in its PR campaign of informing the public about what should and should not go down toilets and into stormwater drains in an effort to prevent the clogs that are so common in the city.  This artistic PR campaign is the latest move in that effort.

Here’s the message the city is attempting to convey: “It is a common misconception that stormwater runoff is cleaned before it is discharged into our local waterways, but this is not the case. Trash, oil, bacteria, chemicals, yard waste and other pollution on the ground gets picked up by stormwater runoff and flows directly into our streams, rivers and lakes…Stormwater pollution can have harmful effects on local waters by lowering the water quality and harming aquatic habitats. In addition, storm drains clogged with debris can lead to flooding, damaging homes and businesses and overwhelming streams … Each stormwater inlet is a vital part of the system. It is where clean or dirty water will enter. “

Painting storm drains, city officials say, will help bring “attention and education” to this subject.

Artists interested in participating should review submittal details and design criteria and complete the entry form at

Each artist is permitted to submit up to four design proposals.

You do have to live in the City of High Point.  Any High Point resident aged 14 and older is welcome to submit a design. (Entries by those under 18 require a parent or guardian’s signature and will require a parent or guardian to be present during the painting of the storm drain.)

Paint and safety supplies will be provided. The deadline to enter is Tuesday, Sept. 26.

The winning designs will be displayed in a very visible, much visited location, and each design will be featured on the City of High Point and Keep High Point Beautiful’s social media pages.

The selected artists will also get $300 upon completion of the project. (High schoolers may be granted volunteer hours in lieu of the stipend.)