There’s a lot going on when it comes to signage in High Point these days and some of the signs are causing citizens to do a doubletake while others have been confusing some drivers at intersections.  Anyone who’s travelled around Guilford County has probably noticed quite a few signage snafus in other parts of the county as well.

The sign above, for instance, is close to Arnold Koonce City Lake in High Point.

At the intersection of Tangle Lane and Penny Road, some budding artist who noticed what was behind the sign changed the words “dead end” to the more appropriate “dead tree.”

That sign, which is a few feet outside of the High Point city limits, was actually more confusing to many as a dead-end sign – because Tangle Lane is no longer a dead end at that point.

So locals wonder why the sign is there in the first place. Tangle Lane became connected to a subdivision several years ago. However, the dead-end sign was never moved a lengthy block to the west – past a subdivision road intersection – to show that it’s only a dead end beyond that intersection.

The picture above, not far from the dead-tree sign, presents another conundrum.  At this spot, in the city limits on the roadway through High Point City Lake Park, drivers are given a competing set of instructions.  One is from the pavement marking signage telling them to stop, while the yield sign offers a different instruction.  Hopefully anyone convicted of not coming to a complete stop here will be able to have their case thrown out of court.

High Point isn’t the only part of Guilford County that’s had experience with head-scratching signage. Greensboro has had so much road construction with the new loop and the incomprehensible maze of new roads, highways and interstates around Piedmont Triad International Airport that, over the last decade, the signage people – as well as GPS systems – have had a great deal of trouble keeping up.  Even life-long residents of Greensboro have had hour-long trips home from the airport and gotten back only via routes through Rural Hall and Stokesdale.