The City of High Point Planning and Development Department gathered a good deal of citizen input in 2020 for a study of the Jamestown Bypass project, and the department has now prepared a draft assessment that’s ready for public review.

 High Point planning officials are seeking to get resident feedback on that assessment during a Zoom meeting that will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 12, at 6 p.m.

The project covers a 1.4-square-mile area along the Greensboro Road and Jamestown Bypass corridors from Montlieu Avenue in High Point to the Jamestown town limits at the Deep River.

 The assessment – which, again, is only in draft form until citizens get their final say – evaluates which areas should become available for development after the construction of the new bypass.

Those interested in attending the online get together and sharing theirs view must register at

The bypass, which is currently under construction, is expected to open sometime next year, but those familiar with roadway projects in central North Carolina know that sometimes area road openings take longer than planned. (And, once the roads are in use, getting good signage takes even longer.)

The new roadway is meant to improve the trip from High Point to Greensboro by connecting I-74 and I-73. 

Some areas along the new road will be opened up for potential development and redevelopment, which is why city planning officials want to hear from the citizens – especially those who live nearby and will be affected by the decisions.

A draft of the assessment and other information can be found at

Attendees are being asked to review the draft ahead of time so that their questions can be answered during the meeting.

For questions or more information, those interested can contact High Point Planning Services Administrator Heidi Galanti at 336-883-3328.  She is no relation to Holly Golightly.