In recent years, the City of High Point has been very focused on righting past racial issues and this week the city took a big step in that effort.

The “One High Point Commission” – which was created by the High Point City Council “to explore community reparations for the African American citizens of High Point” – announced it will be accepting applications until Friday, April 8, 2022, to fill the seats on that commission.

The city is in search of 11 people – nine voting members and two non-voting alternates – to serve and play a key role in the decision-making process regarding reparations.

Those who wish to apply can do so at

After applicants submit a resume, the finalists will be interviewed by the city’s One High Point Selection Committee. That committee will pick people for the commission based on their “education, training, activism or experience, particularly in the field of African American studies and reparatory justice.”

The High Point City Council created the One High point Commission through an adopted resolution at the Monday, Feb. 7, City Council meeting. That resolution approved last month stated that the commission will be composed of two City Council members, nine High Point residents and two NAACP representatives.

It also called for two High Point residents to be appointed as non-voting alternates.

Once established, the One High Point Commission will submit a written report of the commission’s findings to the High Point City Council as well as the recommendations for making up for the wrongs of the past.

The process is planned to take no more than a year from the date the commission first meets. After releasing its report along with its recommendations, the commission will “automatically dissolve” 90 days after the report is submitted to the City Council.