The pandemic, mass shootings, school fights, major earthquakes and wars around the world, the radical political division in the country and a lot of other aspects of modern life don’t just take their toll on the mental well-being of adults.

Teens – who have the added suffering of teenage angst in the mix –  are also having a hard time.

Now, a virtual event sponsored by the High Point Public Library may help those teens. The library will host a a free mental health workshop on Sunday, March 5, at 2 p.m.

It will be “for teens, led by teens.”

Students from the North Carolina School for Science and Math created a new teen mental health organization called “Building Better” and the group then approached the High Point library with a proposal to lead the mental health overview workshop for other teens.

According to information from the library regarding the workshop, it will cover “creative writing strategies for coping with mental health struggles specific to teens,” and, also during the online event, “the students from Building Better will share some of their own struggles and provide an overview of the organization itself.”

The collaboration between Building Better and the High Point Library came about as a result of the library’s “Pitch Us An Idea! Service Project.”

That project was designed to find an “alternative form of volunteering due to the high demand for service hours for high school students.”

The teens who formed Building Better heard the call and decided they wanted to do something that could really help their fellow teens.

Teens who are interested in attending the workshop should send a text message to 336-847-6017 for the Zoom link and code.

For more information about other virtual volunteering opportunities for teens, including the “Pitch Us An Idea! Service Project,” those interested should contact Megan Bowers at 336-883-3695 or